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Alumni Profiles

Katie Braun (Class of 2018)

Kbraun-2018I was drawn to the Environmental Science Program because of its interdisciplinary nature - I came to Northwestern interested in a wide variety of sciences and how they can be applied to studying environmental problems. The ES program definitely delivered! I took classes on genetic diversity, environmental law, sociology, and I spent a semester studying ecology and conservation in Ecuador. The ES program exposed me to a wide variety of scientific disciplines and opportunities for both field work and internships in environmental consulting. With the help of excellent advising in the ES program, I spent my senior year writing a thesis with research advisors from both Northwestern and the University of Illinois. Currently, I am continuing the research I began with my senior thesis; I study habitat loss along the Lake Michigan coast as a Research Technician in the Great Lakes Coastal Geology research group at the University Illinois.

Chris Callahan (Class of 2018)

Chris C

I've always been passionate about science and the environment specifically. At Northwestern, the Environmental Science program gave me the opportunity to explore a wide range subjects from water resource management to ecology to climate science. In particular, I appreciated how the Environmental Science program integrated science with policy and facilitated student engagement with a wide set of career and research opportunities. It also led me to independent research in a climate science research lab, which led me to writing a senior thesis and complemented my coursework very effectively. In the fall of 2018 I started a PhD program in climate science at Dartmouth College, and Northwestern's combination of wide-ranging coursework with independent research very effectively prepared me for advanced research in the environmental sciences. 

Margot Zuckerman (Class of 2018)

margot z

While I knew I wanted to study Environmental Science long before I arrived at Northwestern, I had no idea what I wanted to “do” with my eventual degree. NU’s Environmental Science Program’s broad yet carefully curated curriculum both appealed to my curiosity and pushed me to my find my academic and (hopefully) career focus: food sustainability. My favorite courses at NU, including ‘Water Resources and Society’ and ‘Critical Food Systems Studies’, taught me about key environmental and cultural drivers of global food supply chains. Furthermore, Envi Sci seminars and faculty support well-equipped me to pursue research on local food systems in Chicago and abroad. As Senior year approached, I began looking for a job that would further my education on sustainable food systems in an applied and influential context—which is how I landed in a “Corporate Management Trainee” Program at Kraft Heinz Company. I’m currently working in Procurement, where I’ve been happy to immerse myself in multi-national food supply chains. As I settle further into my role here, I hope to help Kraft Heinz achieve its sustainability goals.

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