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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

We are now on V05 with 232 programs!   Come back often - we increment frequently with more entries. 


Motivated by our ongoing mentoring to connect students with exceptional opportunities, we are independently providing this broad, national, community-sourced directory for everyone to use. This resource helps students find opportunities that fit their identities and schedules. 

Information is provided by the faculty and program leaders of the summer research experience programs.  We encourage you to share and circulate the link to this community sourced directory.  This is a best-effort by the Environmental Sciences Program and the Earth & Planetary Sciences Department at Northwestern University.

here is the summer 2024 directory

 On January 7, we posted v01 for the Summer 2024 directory.  We are now on Version 5 - as of February 4, , with now 232 entries in the 2024 Directory!

You can access it online at -  v05 - Feb04 - REU 2024 MAIN - Community Sourced Directory

Come back ~weekly if you are a student searching for a summer research program.  The versions will increment quickly, as more programs submit information. 

You are able to sort the directory using the column sort functions.  This will help you find programs with earlier or later start date.   Or shorter programs, including workshops. Or, you may need a type of accessibility.  New this year, we have added new columns on citizenship so that US / international / DACA students can find suitable programs. 

1.  Open the spreadsheet - latest version listed above
2.  Click on row 2 - and highlight the entire row
3.  Select “filter views” icon, located next to the print icon
4.  Select “create new temporary filter view”


ADD YOUR REU or Send Updates

If you are a program leader and would like your information added to the directory, please fill out our five-minute survey .

All Summer programs are wellcome - irrespective of funding source, location, duration. We have a growing number of entries for 1-3 week of funded workshops or bootcamps that may fit some students' needs better than the full 8-9-10 week long summer programs.

If you have updates or corrections after your submission, please email, or


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