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The major offers two tracks: science and policy. Both tracks share common foundation courses in science, mathematics, and social science and the same core curriculum. Advanced course work differs with track.

The major entails three successive levels:

The courses that satisfy major requirements are provided on the following dynamic online document:  ENVR SCI COURSE TRACKER.    There are two sheets on that document, with one providing  overview on the pre-approved courses including pre-requisites and so forth.  The second sheet indicates the offering of the courses by quarter including numerous Special Topics that may be unique offerings in a given year.  To support your planning, that second sheet includes the day/time where that is available.  This best-effort document is updated quarterly. Always consider the content in CAESAR and on the individual department and program webpages as authoritative.

I. Foundations in Science and Mathematics:

All of the following:

Five courses from the following, with at least two from the same group (i.e. BIOL_SCI, CHEM, ECON, PHYSICS, or STAT/MATH). Labs do not count toward the 5-course total.

II. Core Courses:

Three courses are required.

III. Advanced Studies:

Eight courses are required, with at least six taken at the 300 level. Students may choose which advanced courses to take according to the track pursued.

Advanced Studies Course Lists

Please consult the online document:  ENVR SCI COURSE TRACKER for the current listing of pre-approved courses for the Science List and Society List. 

Science Track

Six courses from the Science list and two from the Environment and Society list.

Policy Track

ECON 281, 310-1, 370; plus five additional courses, four of which must be from the Science list. Only one of the five courses can be 200-level.

Students who wish to double-major in Economics and Environmental Sciences are encouraged to do the science track in Environmental Science.  Students doing the policy track must take extra 300-level economics classes to fulfill the requirements for both degrees. 

Optional Research Course

ENVR_SCI 399.    Students may substitute up to 2 x 399 courses for courses from the Science list. 

Environmental Sciences Second Major for ISP Students

The Integrated Science Program is a highly selective BA program in Weinberg College. Students majoring in ISP who wish to complete a second major in Environmental Sciences should fulfill the following requirements instead of those listed above. They may not substitute ENVR_SCI 399 or ISP 398 for the ISP-required course MATH 383 and must take the following additional courses:

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