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Petition to Graduate

It is required that all students initiate the Petition to Graduate process in good time, which is one calendar year before you intend to graduate. For most students graduating in Spring quarter, that means spring quarter of their junior year.

Students planning to graduate with a major in Environmental Sciences should first review the WCAS page on the Petition to Graduate process in detail.

Second, students should carefully review all information in their CAESAR Degree Progress section, as this is the record used to document fulfillment of degree and major requirements.

If you consider the courses listed for ENVR SCI in the Degree Progress to be complete and correct relative to the courses that you have taken or are currently taking, then proceed to submitting the FREVVO form.

If there are any courses that appear in the requirements section for the Environmental Sciences major that are incorrect, missing, or needing to be moved around (to accommodate other majors/minors), then create a list of all the courses that are to be counted. For the Environmental Science major, that includes lists for the Foundation/Related Math requirements of CHEM, MATH, and +5 more STEM credits; the three Core Courses of ENVR SCI 201, 202, and 203; the Advanced Studies Science List (6); and the Advanced Studies Society List (2). Email that full list to Program Director Patricia Beddows with notes on any courses you do have that are not showing up correctly. Dr. Beddows will either indicate that a conversation meeting is required or will direct you to proceed to submitting the FREVVO form.

Students typically do have course requirements yet to be fulfilled in their senior year. You do not need to know exactly which courses those will be, but it is planful to have a clear list of what is missing for your ENVR SCI major and other degree requirements.

A special comment on catalog year to use for your ENVR SCI major: you can determine the catalog year used for your ENVR SCI major by reviewing the PDF view of your Degree Progress in CAESAR. You must select the PDF view in order to see this information.

Graduation petition deadlines are posted on the Registrar’s webpage.

For Fall Quarter Graduation, that is typically June.

For Winter Quarter Graduation, that is typically October

For Spring Quarter Graduation, that is typically December.

For Summer Quarter Graduation, that is typically April.

Deadlines for submitting the Petition to Graduate posted on the Registrar’s Webpage are authoritative and final for that year.