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How do I declare a major in Environmental Sciences? Which courses count towards the major? Can I focus on a particular scientific discipline?  What kinds of careers are well-served by a major in Environmental Sciences? We offer resources to help you answer all of these questions and more.

Please contact the program office for more information.

Declaring a Major

Key Steps:

Advising Resources

The following websites are just a few of those providing important information from Weinberg College or the Registrar’s Office, about double counting courses, independent study, study abroad, transfer credits, and more. You should familiarize yourself with these regulations when developing and following your 4-year course plan.

Northwestern University Undergraduate Catalog

University Academic Calendar

Course Registration and Grades

We provide pre-registration (one week before regular registration) to all ENVR SCI majors on all ENVR SCI coded courses, and a growing number other courses pre-approved for the major, such as EARTH course.
All courses counted towards the ENVR SCI major must have a grade of at least a C-, including all related science courses.

Weinberg Degree Requirements

Weinberg College Rules and Policies

Double-Counting Frequently Asked Questions