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Fall 2021 Class Schedule

NOTE: This course schedule is subject to change based on instructional guidelines to comply with COVID restrictions. Courses may be added, cancelled, or moved quarters as deemed necessary.

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Course # Course Title Instructor Day/Time Lab
201 Earth: A Habitable Planet Bush TTh 2:00-3:20 PM
390-0-01 Topics: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Level 1 TBA T 9:30-10:50 AM Th 9:00-10:50 AM


2021-2022 Course Descriptions 

201 – Earth: A Habitable Planet

This course provides an overview of the physical processes governing environmental systems, from the Earth's lithosphere to hydrosphere to atmosphere. We will cover internal and external sources of energy to the Earth system; the processes from tectonic to atmospheric that are driven by that energy; and some human impacts on the resulting environmental systems. Students will gain physical science perspectives on current debates about environmental issues, such as those over water resources, energy, and climate change.

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390-0-01 – Topics: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Level 1

Introduction to concepts underlying geographic information systems (GIS) and methods of managing and processing geographic information. Designed for students who have little background but want to learn the fundamentals and applications of GIS. Students will be exposed to both theoretical knowledge and technical skills in this course. Lab assignments and a project will promote students’ application of concepts and skills in solving real-world problems.

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