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Jack Jordan

Environmental Sciences Major
American Studies Major
ISEN Certificate

Jack Jordan is an American Studies and Environmental Science major interested in local level responses to climate change with a specific research focuses on the efficacy of municipal climate action plans. Jack's goal is to work on sustainable urban planning in his career, espeically as it relates environmental justice and public participation in climate planning processes. Jack explored these topics in his senior thesis titled "Participating in Change: An Oral History of Community Climate Action Planning in Evanston, IL. Since graduation, he has worked as an Origination Analyst with the renewable developer Invenergy.


  • Generations of Environmental Justice
  • Advanced Energy Group (Lead Fellow for Chicago)
  • Climate Tech Club
  • Northwestern Undergraduate Energy Club


  • Urban sustainability
  • Local climate action planning
  • Environmental justice mapping
  • GIS vulnerability analysis
  • Frieght electrification
  • Heavy duty freight decarbonization
  • Freight and environmental justice
  • Public participation in climate action planning