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Margot Zuckerman

Environmental Sciences Major
Economics Major

After graduating from Northwestern, I joined Kraft Heinz's Ingredients Procurement Team, where I managed over 1,000 food additives ingredients for Kraft's 50+ brands in the US and Canada. I also served as the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Ingredients Procurement Lead, spearheading plant-based and sodium reduction projects across each business unit and supporting new supplier diversity initiatives. Currently, I'm delving into my passions for entrepreneurship and innovation as a Summer Venture Associate at the Chicago-based VC firm, Bridge Investments. In August 2022, I will join Harvard Business School's MBA program, where I plan to gain further business and leadership skills necessary to help develop food systems that will mitigate and withstand the impacts of climate change.

Reflecting on my time as an Environmental Science major at NU, I'm grateful for the broad yet carefully curated curriculum both appealed to my curiosity and pushed me to my find career focus: food sustainability. My favorite courses at NU, including ‘Water Resources and Society’ and ‘Critical Food Systems Studies’, taught me about key environmental and cultural drivers of global food supply chains. Furthermore, Envi Sci seminars and faculty support well-equipped me to pursue research on local food systems in Chicago and abroad.


  • Food systems sustainability, operations, and innovation